Naturals and Neutrals: Designing a Millionaire Oceanfront Penthouse by Epicoutu

When it comes to breathtaking oceanfront views in Miami Beach, Epicoutu is present. Naturals and Neutrals were our inspiration for this millionaire project. We got creative and traveled the world to bring exceptional pieces to this home––from Cuban tiles to Italian Calacatta marble––all in one place. Please be our guest and follow us through this journey of luxurious perfection. Just as symmetry is the enemy of art, asymmetrical designs for symmetrical spaces? Epicoutu executes impeccable proportioned designs, complemented by a combination of materials, exclusive furniture designs, and custom-made units to create this magnificent space.

Executed to precision when it comes to tones and stone, natural materials where used for this space. A neutral toned kitchen consists of the highest Italian quality Calacatta marble. Intertwined with a natural wooden slab dining table, in addition to wooden leg dining chairs, upholstered in white linen, give it the rustic beach look for such a wonderful oceanfront Miami Beach location.

As soon as you enter the space, the view undeniably catches your eye: a flawless oceanfront view of the crystalline blues. That’s where we come in to design a perfect blend of hides, natural pieces, and custom units. A white-dyed wooden base coffee table with a golden splashed cowhide rug centers the living room. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a view of our custom-made unit finished to expectation by our experts at Epicoutu.

In the bathroom, we go all out with fixtures; GRAFF golden finishes dress our canvas to perfection. A unique crystal piece was chosen to light up the space accordingly. A combination of hues and tones can be found in this peaceful space in the house. Starting off with the room’s statement piece, we integrated Cuban tiles, wisely picked for the space. And a stone pebbled tub sits in the center for a warm soothing bath overlooking the city.

Our custom-made, floor-to-ceiling, upholstered linen bed––we call it “The Queen”––is dressed in the most luxurious top quality Egyptian cotton. Natural materials were our inspiration. Custom oak panels fill the wall to give the room texture and color. What can’t go unseen is our back lit custom media unit wrapped off in a neutral tone wood finish. Our wooden and lacquered night tables hold the distinctive round ball crystal table lamps. From the ceiling, a Capiz shell overflows.