A Day With Alejandro Tefel, Epicoutu’s Head Project Manager

Epicoutu is not your typical Interior Design firm, but more of a home to the art, design and architecture licensed prodigies in the field. As the Epicoutu family is expanding and soon opening its doors to new locations, their staff is also becoming bigger and better. Have you ever imagined what it takes to be member of the Epicoutu team?

At Epicoutu we hunt to bring in people with passion and desire in the field that will complement the team and bring their abilities to play. We look to flourish as a firm, as we also want our staff to grow not only as designers but also as professionals. Designers save lives by constructing a life worth living.

To present-day, Epicoutu counts with a vast staff of licensed team members that include Senior and Junior Architects, Project Managers and Interior Designers. All of these specialized in diverse areas of design and architecture offering various services ranging from Architecture, Construction, Permitting, Interior Design, Custom Kitchens, Custom Furniture, Staging, 3D Renders, Wallpaper, Home Automation, and more.

What does a typical day look like in the life of an Epicoutu team member?

Alejandro Tefel

Alejandro Tefel

We’ve decided to document a day of the Project Manager: Alejandro Tefel, the head Project Manager at Epicoutu, who is the motor and leader that makes our projects develop to perfection.

8:45 am: After commuting from home to our Brickell location, he grabs a quick coffee at a local coffee shop and orders his favorite morning boost – a large iced coffee with two extra shots. He has this moment to think through of what his day will consist of.

9:00 am: Gets to the office and checks his daily agenda: Meet with contractor at a prominent unit, window treatment and closet install, call to check on status of furniture orders, meeting with client at 3pm …

9:15 am: Checks emails and replies to most or all of them, and checks his to-do list before he hands out tasks and errands to the other team members.

9:50: By this time, Alejandro has already coordinated the day with everyone, and is heading out to check out installations and make sure everything progresses efficiently.

10:00 am: At the same time he is coordinating installation, Alejandro will always have a top designer with him in case he has to change or design something being constructed in the residence.

10:50 am: General contractor is up and working inside the unit since 7:00, by this time he has already finished framing and Alejandro is measuring and making sure everything is done according to architectural plan.

11:30 am: Alejandro heads to a prominent wallpaper firm in town and picks up clients wallpaper samples for the meeting at 3 pm. Gets a call from the furniture delivery guy and sets a time for the delivery to go smoothly the next day. He writes it down on his schedule right after the call.

12:00 pm: Lunch on the go, and is now heading back to the office. As he arrives to the office he gets back to his desk, and schedules furniture delivery with building management to reserve elevators. Right after he receives a call from his boss, Sismai Roman, they speak about how the installation is going and confirms their meeting at 3 pm that day with the client.

1:00 pm: He goes back to his laptop to his daily dose of sending, checking, and responding e-mails. As he is doing this, he is asking and speaking with other staff members in the office.

1:45 pm: Alejandro asks the lead team on the project for a group meeting to review everything before their meeting at 3 pm and make sure they have all prepared for client.

3:00 pm: Alejandro and the team welcome client to the meeting room. As always, Alejandro wears a smile. He and the client have a great one-on-one relationship and start speaking about the project as a whole.

4:30 pm: Meeting went by smoothly and spoke about the whole project, everything from construction, design, furniture, custom pieces, wallpapers, paint etc. Alejandro seems to have a unique and excellent relationship with his whole team and this made the meeting flow by so clearly and superb. By 4:30 pm, Alejandro needs his second dose of “miracle” coffee, and offers all the team around a coffee as well.

5:00 pm: He starts planning his next day, writing on his agenda, as well as sending last e-mails of the day. Calls his General Contractors, millwork guys and other staff members to make sure their day has kept on schedule. Also speaks with them regarding of their day “tomorrow” and the flow of it.

5:30 pm:  As of his meeting that day, he starts working on some invoices that the client needed by the end of the day. He concludes his day by making sure his agenda is ready to go for the next day and his current to-do list is completely done if possible.

6:00 pm: Alejandro re-checks his email one last time before he leave the office, and answers if possible. He makes sure to review the work that day with his boss Sismai, and when they are done speaking about the day and the projects’ status, Alejandro is free to go for the day.

Alejandro says, “Being part of the Epicoutu team, I have learned and develop great knowledge in knowing how to find solutions to even the smallest problems and tasks at the company. I have learned the true meaning of dedication, responsibility and organization; I try my best every day to give my all to the job since I know I have a huge team counting on me. Most importantly I know I have clients trusting my work at all time, no matter how small my mission is I never settle for less; I always push my self to my full potential. Every morning I wake up thinking of what an amazing company I work for, thinking of the how blessed I am to have co-workers, clients and even contractors that bring out the best out of me. As a project manager at Epicoutu I have learned to take every day as a new opportunity to become a happier, stronger and committed version of myself.”