Posh Design Firm Epicoutú Opens New Location in Los Angeles

(name) and (name) at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Jamalat Lavrach and Alejandro Tefel at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles

Epicoutú has become one of Miami’s most reputable high-end luxurious design firms and this year, the posh firm is opening a second location in Los Angeles. A city known for its melting pot of arts and cultures, the city of angels offers the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional architecture for Epicoutú to create a new list of impressive turn-key projects.

With over 9 years of experience in the high-end luxurious design market, the prestigious firm founded by Sismai Roman, focuses on working one-on-one with clients to ensure a client’s needs and desires are met. The firm has become a one-stop shop for full turn-key residential and commercial projects offering services in architecture, construction. 3D rendering and more.

(name) at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles
Sismai Roman at The Broad Museum in Los Angeles

Epicoutú’s close-knit design team is ecstatic to explore the hidden architectural gems of the Los Angeles area and use it as a stepping stone for inspiration as they tackle on a new set of projects in a city full of dreams.

Design, renovate and build your dream space with the aided assistance of renowned designers that guarantee your utmost satisfaction with the finished product.